Builder Warranty Inspection

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Builder Warranty Inspection

Imagine you have just bought your dream home, having everything you could have wished for. As an intelligent buyer, you should check the builder’s warranty time as the home purchase time reaches the 11th month. What’s that for?

Pro-Spect provides builder warranty inspection so your newly purchased home undergoes a thorough check. You can contact the builder to submit your complete list of repair requirements before the offer expires. In the flip case, those who don’t consider builder warranty inspection within its time limit are bound to pay for the hefty repairs that arise in the future.

If you are one of those skipping builder warranty inspection just because your home seems perfect from the outside – beware! The unknown faults lurking underneath can surprise you anytime! So why take the risk? Gear up and contact us now to learn more.

Things Can Change in the First Year

People often ignore builder warranty inspections just for the reason that their home looks picture-perfect. We understand your place has just been built and is perfect for you. But how can one rely on mere assumptions? What if structural, foundational, or functional problems have already started? Or there could be unseen elements like air pollutants, poor water quality, radon, asbestos, termites, or anything else.

That’s where Pro-Spect helps you prevent further damage. Our builder warranty inspections, conducted within the 11th month of your home purchase, will ensure the overall condition of your home. We will inspect and identify everything that might have changed during this time. With us, you can quickly catch problems and ask your builder to fix them.

Builder warranty inspection doesn’t cost you much but saves you everything. So why not take time for it? Feel free to contact us anytime!

Schedule a Builder Warranty Inspection With Pro-Spect

As a family-owned business, we take a more customer-centric approach. We believe in building strong connections with our customers and consider them our friends and neighbors. That’s why your satisfaction is our priority. We go all out to meet your inspection needs. Even if your home looks flawless outside, any hidden blunders could be left behind during construction. The home’s structure may be subject to various issues with time. This is why, instead of letting those issues go unnoticed, let us do what’s needed. Above all, it’s your right under the warranty to get your home inspected by builders so you get the value you paid for.

Inspections By Pro-Spect

Our certified and licensed inspectors at Pro-Spect go to great lengths to meet all your inspection expectations. From detecting the unknown pitfalls to suggesting practical solutions – we do them all. We ensure you get the right value for your money invested through the detailed inspection process.

Whether you have bought a just-constructed home or are buying one under construction – we’re just a call away to assure you whether it’s on the right track. As soon as you get us involved, chances for any mishaps or future hitches will drop. This way, we save your investment from structural failures and depreciation beforehand.

Pro-Spect is by your side at every step of the way. We work with the builder to confirm you get the highest quality construction. If you’ve already moved into your constructed home – don’t fret! We can still hunt for any hidden defects and unexpected snugs covered under our builder warranty inspections.

If any issues are found covered under the warranty, the builder will fix them at their cost. Sounds like a deal? Contact us to make the most out of this builder warranty inspection.

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