Radon Inspection

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Radon Inspection

Are you buying a home for the first time? Then, you must consider its radon potential. Radon can’t be smelled or seen, but we can still track it.

Wondering how? Leave this job to Pro-Spect.

We ensure your home is radon-free with our painstaking radon inspections. We look at the radon entry points, such as foundational cracks, sump pits, and gaps around pipes or conduits. Our professional radon inspectors identify radon levels in a home or its areas with cutting-edge radon measurement devices.

Radon threatens your family’s health and your home’s marketability. Let us inspect it for you.

What’s Radon?

Radon is a natural gas produced due to radioactive uranium decay in soil and rocks. It’s hard to detect as it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Radon has harmful effects on your well-being as well as property structure.

Living in or around Delaware, West Central Florida, Pennsylvania, or Jacksonville – you’ll have to check your home’s radon level.

That’s where Pro-Spect helps you with our radon inspection services. We’ll detect the radon levels and its potential damage in your chosen property. We will mention these facts for the radon disclosure statement required by state law and regulation. This statement reveals the property’s radon levels compared to the action level of EPA of 4.0 pCi/L.

Has the Seller Asked For Radon Testing?

Although no obvious radon indications exist, you can still guess its presence through persistent symptoms. These include chronic cough, chest pain, and heavy breathing.

Are you a homeowner or seller and haven’t ever tested your home for radon? That’s alarming! Radon can be in any home. And you can’t know its presence without testing it.

That’s why Pro-Spect goes all out to ensure your home is radon-proof. Our inspectors recommend regular radon testing, so its elevated levels don’t surprise you. We look for radon exposure areas such as construction joints, cracks or gaps in foundations, walls or floors, and openings in pipes and wires.

Call Pro-Spect Today for a Radon Inspection

Pro-Spect is the name to trust whenever you decide to test your home for radon. We use advanced technology for its detection, identify radon entry points, and suggest possible solutions. Our expert radon inspectors determine radon levels and their damage extent. We also guide you through radon-resistant features to prevent further radon exposure. Contact us to schedule your radon inspection day today.

Choose a State-Certified Radon Tester

To free your home from radon, hiring a certified radon tester is the first move. Pro-Spect has several certified and licensed radon testers on board. We only employ professionals who have sufficient knowledge and experience with radon testing.

Our inspectors not only expose radon-rich areas but also walk you through steps for protection against radon. This may include radon-resistant concrete, proper ventilation, and sealing the foundational cracks.

If you’re buying a house, finding a higher radon level gives you the freedom to demand mitigation before buying. Consult us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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