Lead Inspection

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Lead Inspection

Buying a brand-new home may not be within one’s budget. Or maybe you prefer an older home with a lived-in feel. Whatever the reason, if you’re buying an older house, you must consider a lead inspection.

Houses built before 1978 had lead-based paint used on the walls. Many such homes have since been repainted to be lead-free. But a few houses still have the dreaded lead paint. To know if your family will be safe from lead’s adverse effects, we suggest booking a lead inspection before closing the deal.

If you’re selling your old house, you must disclose if it has any lead. You don’t need to check every wall yourself and expose yourself to lead. Let our inspectors, equipped with specialized tools and protection, do it for you.

If we find any lead in your house, we’ll guide you on addressing the issue.

Why Should You Be Worried About the Presence of Lead-Based Paint?

Lead was a common paint ingredient before 1978. That paint was toxic to not only children but also adults. But that wasn’t it, as lead was also used in the plumbing system. It contaminated the water and caused major health issues.

For children, lead exposure causes nervous issues and inhibits growth. Children also suffer from kidney and hearing problems in a house with excessive lead.

This metal is harmful for adults, too. It may cause digestive issues, headaches, cramps, and joint pains in its presence.

Remember, there’s no safe exposure level. So, you must have a lead inspection if your home was built before 1978. Or if you’re buying a home from the same era.

Ask Pro-Spect for a Lead Inspection

Being a local, family-owned business, we understand how important your family’s health is for you. Our licensed inspectors perform exhaustive lead inspections to confirm your home is safe for you and your family. We check every wall and water pipe for traces of this dangerous metal. If it is found, we will provide guidelines on how to address the issue. Contact us today to book a lead inspection.

The Danger of Lead

Lead is harmful even in minute amounts. So it only makes the fact that exteriors, interiors, walls, doors, panes, and everything else were covered with it – just a few decades ago.

Even now, such homes may have lead paint on their walls, covered with a thin layer of new, less toxic paint. What if the new paint cracks and exposes people to lead?

A thorough inspection will confirm if you’re at such a risk. Call us today to book a lead inspection.

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