Termite/WDO Inspection

WDO Inspections Are Performed By Gray Pest Control

Termite/WDO Inspection

Termites are also called “silent destroyers” for all the right reasons. They seem tiny, harmless organisms but can cost you a fortune. According to USDA, US residents spend $5 billion per year on termite control.

Before the termite infestation weakens your home’s structures or resale value, halt the assault with thorough inspections.

Certified termite inspectors catch these pesky organisms and identify their tunnels. Besides, we’ll also guide you through the signs of termite infestation. We will look through every aspect of your place to find the termite colonies and report the damage caused.

Don’t let the termites depreciate your home’s market value anymore. Contact us today to get started on termite inspection.

What Kinds of Pests Are You Looking For?

Various pests contribute to wood damage, including:

  • Drywood Termites
  • Woodboring Beetles
  • Dampwood Termites
  • Subterranean Termites
  • Wood Destroying Fungi

Pro-Spect’s professional and certified termite inspections discover all these types. Our inspectors thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of your home. We investigate their setting and path to reach the termite colony. After our meticulous termite inspections, you’ll receive a detailed inspection report on our findings. This report will highlight termite areas, the damage, its extent, and suggested solutions.

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Whether buying a home or striving to protect your own against termite attacks – count on us for thorough protection. The baleful termites may feed on your home when you skip a termite inspection. Don’t fret, Pro-Spect knows how to deal with them. Our professional inspectors look for the signs of termite infestations to infer their traces and habitat. These signs may include warped surfaces, discarded wings, mud tubes, musty smell, buckling or wood rot, and hollow shells. Our all-inclusive 20/20 PI termite inspections help you prevent and address termite attacks in Delaware, Jacksonville, Pennsylvania, and West Central Florida. Contact us to schedule your termite inspection now.

What Happens During a Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection?

Our in-depth termite inspection process leaves no corner of your home unchecked. The initial assessment discusses the scope of the inspection. It’s up to you what areas you want to check: interior, exterior, or both. A meticulous inspection includes both. Investigating the exterior of your home, we look for termite colonies in the foundation, roof, decks, porches, and other external areas. On the other hand, we also inspect internal spaces such as the basement, crawl spaces, attics, living areas, and other rooms.

The termite inspection aims to track the termite tunnels and their droppings. These organisms usually reside and feed on wooden elements full of dense cellulose. Thus, we analyze the damaged wooden structures, including furniture, shingles, wooden framing or ornaments, etc.

We also identify the types of wood-destroying organisms to suggest a solution accordingly. These intruders can be carpenter ants, beetles, pests, termites, and wood-destroying fungi. Once the types are identified, our inspectors guide you on prevention tips. You can always follow up with us after the inspection.

Do you suspect a termite infestation or have seen signs? Don’t wait to call Pro-Spect for a professional termite inspection.

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