Energy Assessment Inspection

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Energy Assessment Inspection

Your home wastes 30% of the energy it gets. That means you’re spending more on your energy needs without any added benefit.

How is so much energy lost, you might ask. A faulty appliance, poorly insulated walls, or energy leakage – all contribute to energy losses in a home. You need energy to cool your house in summers and warm it in winters. You also need energy to keep the lights on and for everything else in your home. So, it’s always recommended that you understand energy wastage and take steps to counter it.

An energy assessment inspection can tell you about your home’s energy efficiency. If you’ve seen an uptick in your energy bills, it is high time you get an assessment. The same goes for those who are buying a new house. Because knowing if your house is wasting energy will give you negotiation leverage. You can use that extra cash to make your desired home energy efficient.

At Pro-Spect, we know how important energy efficiency is for a home. That’s why our inspectors use the latest tools to check every area susceptible to energy wastage. And recommend the best possible solutions.

Home Inspections and Energy Assessment

A home inspection is the overall assessment of your home. It’s essential because it tells you about pressing issues needing priority attention.

But these inspections can be limited when it comes to energy assessment. As general home and energy inspections vary so much in scope. So it’s always recommended that you couple both services. By pairing these inspections, you save on future expenses while living in a better, more comfortable home.

Because this pair gives you not just an idea of your home’s overall condition. But also about all the energy wastage points. You have a comprehensive report and a set of actionable recommendations for a far more comfortable, energy-efficient home.

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If you want a comprehensive energy assessment, schedule an inspection with Pro-Spect today. We’re a local inspection company with certified inspectors and access to specialized energy assessment tools. Let us look at your home and check if everything is as energy-efficient as possible.

What Is Involved in Energy Assessments?

A complete energy assessment of your home includes reviewing your home’s structure. With that data, a certified inspector will move to checking your home’s overall insulation. They will also check doors, windows, and walls for cracks and other leakages.

Air leakage is one of the biggest reasons for energy wastage. We use different tools in different areas in your home to see if there’s air leakage. In case there is, we’ll provide complete guidelines to tackle it.

Pro-Spect inspectors go a step further and check the HVAC system’s age, condition, and type to see if it is the right system for your home. We use specialized tools to check everything visually and perform diagnostic tests to confirm their optimal performance.

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