Mold Testing

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Mold Testing

Mold is everywhere and affects everyone differently. When it comes to mold, stopping the moisture and remediating the mold is vital. Our team will inspect for visual signs of mold and use state-of-the-art lab equipment by swab or air sample to determine what type of mold and how much mold is airborne in your home.

Do you find yourself sneezing or coughing? Consistent headaches or breathing issues? Mold is a cause of these symptoms. Get your home tested and consult with a doctor.

What Causes Mold Problems in Homes?

It’s not always the hefty blunders that cause mold growth. Instead, minor climatic changes, uncleaned HVAC, and even house plants can let mold feed on your home.

A home with a damp basement, crawl spaces, or never-ending water leaks provides a favorable environment for mold.

Things get better when you keep your home in check for mold. Pro-Spect is the best choice for this.

Our certified inspectors use cutting-edge technology for mold testing. We check the humidity level, water leaks, flood damage, condensation, sewer backup, and more. Our experts also verify the HVAC, insulation, and duct condition. We also ensure proper sealing of windows and doors.

Don’t let mold compromise your home’s indoor air quality and marketability. Instead, choose us to inspect it inside and out. Schedule your mold testing with us!

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Pro-Spect is second to none for mold testing services. We use cutting-edge technology to identify highly moisturized and humid areas. Using advanced methods, we detect mold and its breeding grounds ahead of time. Our certified inspectors then document their findings in a clear and easy-to-understand report. By following up on this report, you can mitigate mold damage and prevent it. Contact us today to schedule a quick mold testing.

What Is Involved in a Mold Testing?

A painstaking mold testing looks for mold patches in every corner of your home. And Pro-Spect excels at it.

Getting started with a visual inspection to conducting air sampling, we do it all. Mold and its spores can reside in internal or external spaces. That’s why we hunt for mycelium throughout the home.

The internal inspection covers mold testing for walls, floors, ceilings, attics, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and crawl spaces. On the other hand, we also inspect external areas like the roof, siding, and foundation to find any signs of mold damage.

Our meticulous mold testing extends to checking HVAC systems, including air ducts, vents, air conditioning units, and furnaces. Because contaminated HVAC can spread mold hyphae to other areas. We don’t skip plumbing, fixtures, windows, doors, closets, and cabinets either.

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