Rental Inspection

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Rental Inspection

Are you moving into a rental property? Or are you renting out your property and want the pre-rental condition examined and recorded? A rental inspection by certified inspectors is how you get it done.

An unbiased inspection will satisfy both parties and can be used to negotiate the deal.

At Pro-Spect, we use specialized tools and a cloud-based storage system so you get a detailed move-in report.

Both Landlords and Tenants Need Inspections

As a landlord, you may find yourself in a tight position when a tenant claims the damage was already there when they moved in.

Similarly, as a tenant, you may be asked to pay for damages you didn’t cause.

Both parties are at a loss in such a situation.

An inspection before the move-in can help avoid such a situation. It removes all the guesswork as a professional inspector examines everything. And provides a detailed report that’s available for years to come.

Contact Pro-Spect to Ensure Peace of Mind With Rentals

If a tenant stays in the same property for years, it’s almost impossible to recall the pre-move-in condition. Maybe there’s a water stain on a wall that wasn’t there before. Without a proper rental inspection, it’s all speculation. And can lead to undesirable arguments. A rental inspection can put these doubts to rest as every small detail is recorded and stored. When the tenant decides to move out, that same data can be accessed, and claims be confirmed. Pro-Spect’s certified inspectors are here to perform thorough rental inspections.

What’s Involved in an Inspection?

Before the tenants move in, it’s best to have a rental inspection. A certified inspector will check the interior and exterior for water damage, wear and tear, and neglect signs. They’ll do a complete visual examination of the property and document any maintenance issues.

The roof and crawlspace are also inspected during a rental inspection. And the same goes for the gas and HVAC systems.

Everything is recorded in writing and as photographs.

When the tenant moves out, another examination and cross-checking the reports removes all the guesswork.

Both parties can rest assured that the final verdict is unbiased and based on actual data.

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