Pre-Listing Inspection

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Pre-Listing Inspection

Like a standard home inspection, a pre-listing inspection also aims to reveal hidden facts about your property. The difference lies in which party conducts it. Home sellers execute a pre-listing check before putting their homes on sale. 

Pro-Spect does this for you. Our professional inspectors guarantee due diligence during the pre-listing inspection process. Both parties can adjust their contingency contract based on our findings. 

For instance, if you’re selling your home in as-is condition, you can disclose its issues in your disclosure statement. Or, the buyer can submit a repair request according to our inspection reports.

Experience the difference of professional pre-listing inspection with us. Besides showing yourself as an honest seller, you’ll promote transparent and faster dealing. 

Our pre-listing inspections cover wide areas of your home. We aim to present your home in its best condition. We look for visible and hidden signs of structural damage or deficiencies. The following steps include testing the air and water quality for pollutants. We also verify additional elements such as termites, radon, mold, etc. 

Be proactive in catching your home’s flaws before the buyers do. Contact us to schedule your pre-listing inspection today.

Don’t Wait for Buyers to Bring an Inspector

Sellers have multiple options and enjoy an upper hand in negotiations. But finding an ideal buyer and getting the best home value comes with a pre-listing inspection.

Interested buyers are just a step away. Nudge them with a thorough inspection. 

If it’s done on your end, it will enhance your reputation. And it will also protect the investment of both parties. 

That’s where Pro-Spect inspections come in. Our pre-listing inspections give the buyer confidence to buy your property. Based on the results, you can repair the found issues, improve your home’s curb appeal, and negotiate on favorable terms. 

Don’t wait further to schedule our pre-listing inspection. Contact us today!

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Home inspections give negotiation leverage to all parties involved. But the table turns on favorable conditions when it’s executed before putting your home on the list. Pro-Spect secures your credibility as a reputed seller in the market. We save you hefty repair costs and home depreciation by identifying existing or potential defects early on. That’s how we’ve won the trust of locals in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Jacksonville, and West Central Florida. Get in touch with us today!

Experience an Effortless Pre-Listing Inspection

You’ll have a seamless pre-listing inspection experience with us. We have a team of certified inspectors on board, helping you all the way. We cover your complete home under our pre-listing inspections. 

Our meticulous inspections identify your property’s issues. Getting started with structure, we check the strength and condition of the internal and external home components. This may include assessing your rooms, living area, kitchen, restrooms, garage, porches, decks, roof, and basement. Next, we inspect the optimal working of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other systems. We also examine your home’s security features.

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