Pool & Spa Inspection

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Pool & Spa Inspection

A pool and spa inspection identifies potential issues, damages, poor functionality, and system failures. Without a thorough pool and spa inspection, you might be susceptible to various health issues. Due to higher chlorine levels or other chemicals, you might face skin rashes, irritation, wheezing, sneezing, or more.

Pro-Spect ensures your pool & spa and their relevant equipment and systems are in top condition. Starting off with a visual inspection, we examine all components involved without using invasive methods. We also assess the pool for cracks, leaks, surface stains, and algae growth.

Our pool and spa inspectors are certified professionals. They look through each element and test them to check proper functioning. Whether it’s tile damage or vandalism, we leave no aspect unchecked.

Why Are Pool & Spa Inspections Necessary?

Pool and spa inspections are vital to ensure your safety during pool time.

Once our professional inspectors check the safety features of your pool, we’ll move forward with other aspects. Health and hygiene are other aspects of why pool and spa inspections are unskippable. When the pool water is pollutant-free, it will be safe for swimming for you and your kids. This may include checking whether the chlorine level is normal. Optimal equipment functionality is also on this list.

What Kind of Problems Might You Run Into With a Pool or Spa?

Your pool might be subject to several problems, often out of sight. For instance, leaking, equipment or system failures, structural damage, plumbing problems, etc. Let Pro-Spect check for you.

We look for pool water leakage through the pump. Our professional pool and spa inspectors investigate any equipment failure. It includes wear and tear or poor skimmer, pump, filter, or heater functionality. We also look for structural damage, such as a cracked pool, unfinished plaster, and damaged coping or tiles. Apart from that, we also inspect system failures and plumbing problems like leaks.

Trust Pro-Spect to Inspect Your Pool

Pools and spas are associated with relaxation and fun. Which means they should never be troublesome. Pro-Spect does that for you! Our certified inspectors check your pool and spa from every angle. We inspect everything from checking the equipment’s condition and functionality to ensuring its safety features. We look for any signs of structural and plumbing problems. If you’re buying a home with a pool or striving to maintain your own – we’re here to help. Schedule your pool and spa inspections with us today!

What About Safety?

Pools and spa inspections are to ensure your safety.

For this purpose, Pro-Spect investigates your pool’s safety features. We start with checking the pool equipment, including skimmer, pump, filter, heater, and timer. We also evaluate spa equipment such as jets, blowers, and spa packs.

Besides this, we verify that you comply with pool enclosures and safety regulations.

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