Irrigation Inspection

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Irrigation Inspection

Your irrigation system is the only thing standing between the scorching heat and the green grass. If that sprinkler system didn’t work properly, you’d have a yellowing lawn. Such a lawn isn’t the first thing you want people to see of your home.

A thorough irrigation inspection can see if your irrigation system, including the sprinkler, works as intended. Such an inspection is especially recommended if your home is old and you’ve noticed that the system doesn’t work as it did in the early days.

An irrigation inspection is also recommended when buying a house with a fitted irrigation system. It’s better to know what you’re buying than to have surprises waiting once you’ve signed the contract.

Pro-Spect’s certified inspectors check every pipe in the irrigation system to confirm everything works optimally. Call us right away if you’re buying a house with a sprinkler system.

Why It’s Important to Have a Sprinkler System Inspected

A sprinkler system may seem okay if it simply sprinkles water across the lawn.

But there’s so much more to it. Is the water pressure too low? If that’s the case, your lawn isn’t getting the hydration it needs. Contrary to this, the grass and plants may be flooded with excessive water if the pressure is too high. This damages the delicate grass, making it wither and eventually die out. And your water bill also goes up.

When our Pro-Spect inspectors check your sprinkler system, we go over every small detail. We make note of water pressure and guide you on how to adjust it for optimal flow. We also identify any unforeseen issues so you can eliminate them before they become critical.

Avoid Sprinkler System Breakdowns With Inspections

If you live in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Jacksonville, or West Central Florida and face sprinkler issues, Pro-Spect is the one you must call. Our certified inspectors check for leakage, pressure issues, and general functioning. And then offer a complete report with practical suggestions. Call us today to schedule an inspection that fits your schedule.

What’s Involved in an Irrigation Inspection?

We know you want a healthy, green lawn to welcome anyone visiting your home. That’s why we offer exhaustive irrigation system inspections. We start with a visual inspection and then test every part of your sprinkler system. These checks include testing valves, pressure, leaks, coverage, and watering efficiency.

We use specialized tools and years of experience to provide the most comprehensive report. You can follow it to have a sprinkler system that works just fine.

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