Walk & Talk Consultation

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Walk & Talk Consultation

With such a fierce real estate market, it’s quite hard for buyers to let go of a seemingly good property.

And in many cases, they’re willing to oversee glaring issues because of the scarcity. Many buyers prefer to lock the deal as soon as possible. That can be problematic if there are issues an inspection could’ve pointed out. But it’s not always possible to schedule a complete home inspection beforehand.

If you’re one of those buyers, Pro-Spect’s walk & talk consultations are for you. One of our certified inspectors will be with you during the visit. They’ll note any visible issues. You can jot down those issues and use them when negotiating.

Call us to schedule a Walk & Talk whenever you visit the property.

Schedule a Consultation During the Showing

Having an inspector by your side during the showing is reassuring and practical. The hours you spend with the realtor, an inspector can check for the most obvious issues.

This is an inexpensive, informal inspection. But with the right info, you can make the right choice. Some common issues we find during a Walk & Talk inspection are:

  • Visible rot
  • Foundation cracks
  • Plumbing issues
  • Wall damage
  • Lawn health

With this, you’ll have an idea of the property’s overall condition. You’ll understand the needed improvements. And how much you’ll have to spend on those.

Once you sign the deal you’ll have time to schedule a complete inspection. That’ll be an in-depth assessment with detailed reporting.

Schedule an Inspection With Pro-Spect

We know the choices are few and far between. But you can’t risk buying a house riddled with problems. To ensure that a property is worth your time and money, bring an experienced inspector to the visit. This affordable and least invasive inspection can save you from major surprises down the line. So call us today. Our inspectors are available to tag along whenever you need them.

Walk & Talk Consultations Are for Sellers Too

Are you bringing your home to the market? A pre-listing consultation will inform you about your property’s condition. This inexpensive inspection gives you an overview of the needed repairs.

You can address those repairs before listing your home and be confident in your dealings. We suggest that you inform your realtor about those issues too. Because they can help close a deal where the buyer agrees to do the repairs themselves.

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