Wind Mitigation Inspection

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Delaware, Jacksonville, Pennsylvania, and West Central Florida often experience fickle climatic conditions like strong winds and hurricanes. That’s why you need to ensure your home can withstand them.  

Are you beside yourself for the same? Let Pro-Spect put you at ease for this. 

Our wind mitigation inspection covers everything your home’s roof grapples with. Pro-Spect’s certified wind mitigation inspectors evaluate your home’s condition and stability against various factors. From roof covering to opening protection and everything in between, we check it all. 

Consult us today to protect your family from potential hurricane damage.

Inspection That Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Wind mitigation inspections inform you of your roof’s structural integrity. We reveal how well it can tackle a gale and its aftereffects. Not only that, it also tells about the wind resistance features of your home. 

Pro-Spect brings wind mitigation inspection services that are a headstart for locals struggling with wind or storm damage. We inspect wind and water resistance features, roof materials, and the stability of roofs, doors, windows, and shutters. Our certified inspectors take the plunge to look through every aspect of your roof and secure its intactness. 

With us, you can protect your family from wind-damage risks. And save a fortune on hefty repairs. Why wait and let your home wind down? Contact us today.

Trust an Expert for Your Roof Inspection

People get wind mitigation inspections for much-sought-after insurance discounts. Insurance companies prefer homes that are inspected for wind resistance. Pro-Spect leads you there! Our wind mitigation inspections confirm whether your home is eligible for insurance discounts. We check your roof’s condition and stability. We reassure our customers about their structural and safety concerns. Contact us today to learn more about our wind mitigation inspections for your roof. 

Seven Components

Pro-Spect inspects these seven aspects under wind mitigation inspection to determine your roof’s structural integrity. 

Construction Year

Our inspectors would inquire about your home’s construction year or whether the roof has ever been replaced since then.

Roof Covering

The inspector then checks what material is used for roof covering, such as shingles, metal, or tile. 

Roof Deck

Once the roof covering is assessed, we inspect the roof decking. The roof deck is the element to which shingles are nailed to. Our professional inspectors examine the type of nails used to secure shingles and how far they are. 

Roof-to-Wall Attachment

For the next step, we inspect the roof-to-wall attachment. It involves going through the ways and means to attach the roof to the wall.

Roof Geometry

We inspect the roof geometry, such as its slope and shape. The roof’s shape can impact its ability to withstand elements, including heavy storms, downpours, etc. Some roof shapes, like hip roofs, are more wind-resistant than gable roofs.

Secondary Wall Resistance

There’s a protective layer between the roof covering the deck and shingles. It prevents water damage if the outer layer is ruined due to a storm. Our inspectors assess the type of secondary water resistance in this layer.

Opening Protection

Our wind mitigation inspections assess whether your openings are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. We look through the openings such as doors, windows, garages, or roofs to confirm extra safety.

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