Carbon Monoxide Testing

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Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless toxic gas that can compromise your family’s health. And incomplete fuel burning is usually the main cause of household CO formation.

Common appliances that produce CO due to improper combustion include fireplaces, gas stoves, gas water heaters, gas furnaces, and gas dryers.

A car may also produce CO if left running in a confined place, like a garage. Without proper venting, this can lead to dizziness when you stay in the garage for some time.

Even though our senses cannot detect CO, it is still a deadly toxin. In some cases, CO is known to cause serious damage and even death in sustained exposures. That’s why you must ask for periodic CO testing.

CO testing is also crucial for new home buyers. During a CO inspection, Pro-Spect inspectors will check every suspected appliance. And if they find any leakage or other issues, they’ll guide you on the best possible solution. We suggest you ask for CO testing along with the overall Home Inspection.

Like Home inspections, you can rely on Pro-Spect to offer quality and thorough CO testing. Our experienced inspectors in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Jacksonville, and West Central Florida are ready to perform CO testing for you.

CO Poisoning Symptoms

When exposed to CO for a certain duration, you may experience symptoms similar to the flu. These symptoms usually include headaches, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and blurry vision.

But in the long run, these symptoms can worsen and lead to even more severe ones. Persistent headaches become common with the danger of brain damage. If the condition doesn’t improve and one keeps inhaling CO, it could even cause death. Annually, 200 people lose their lives to CO poisoning.

So it’s strongly recommended that you get complete CO testing from experienced inspectors, like the ones at Pro-Spect.

Trust Pro-Spect With CO Inspections

The baseline carbon monoxide levels can vary from house to house. Our experienced inspectors understand that. And take every factor into account before commencing the CO testing. A custom inspection with cutting-edge tools can confirm if the CO levels are dangerous to you or your family. Our Inspectors follow the latest industry standards and health guidelines to create comprehensive reports. By following those reports and the helpful suggestions, you can keep your family safe from CO poisoning.

Call us today and book CO testing that fits your schedule.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Family?

We offer exhaustive preventive measures in our after-inspection reports. Here’s a glimpse into those measures.Proper maintenance is probably the most important factor to consider. A faulty appliance that burns fuel can produce CO and cause a multitude of issues.

As CO is produced by incomplete burning, we suggest replacing unvented appliances with vented ones. These allow for an unobstructed flow of air and complete burning. A vent and exhaust fan in the garage can save you from CO poisoning when the car is idling.

With these precautions, we highly suggest you schedule a CO inspection to make sure your family is safe from this dangerous toxin.

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