Four Point Inspection

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Four Point Inspection

4-point inspection has many benefits, specifically for older homes. Because insurance companies demand a 4-point inspection report for houses 30 years or older. This report gives detailed insights into your home’s major components and helps them decide if it is eligible for insurance.

Insurance companies don’t support a house in poor condition, system failures, or fire/water damage. That’s where Pro-Spect comes in. Our certified inspectors examine your HVAC, plumbing, roofing, and electrical elements to ensure your property is risk-free and valuable.

If your insurance company requests a 4-point inspection, you can count on us to provide prompt and reliable service in and around Delaware, Jacksonville, Pennsylvania, and West Central Florida.

Four Major Components

A 4-point inspection is a snappy and convenient option to know a home’s overall condition. This inspection focuses on 4 significant areas of your home: roof, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. By inspecting these cornerstones of the house, our inspectors ensure that it’s suitable for quality living.

Roofing is the first protection against rain and shine. Our inspectors determine the age, roofing material, installation method, and condition over the years. We pay close attention to any warning signs, such as the condition of roof shingles, water leaks, moisture or damage, and water pooling. What’s more? We also check other areas like flashing, gutters, ventilation, attic, and proper drainage.

The insurance companies insist on a well-maintained HVAC. Determining the age and location of the HVAC, our inspectors evaluate if it is clean, working well, and structurally intact. We also look for problems such as leaks, wear and tear, etc.

When it comes to electrical inspection, our professionals determine the age, condition, and type of electrical wiring. We also check the electrical panel, fuse box, circuit breaker, wiring cables, sockets, and circuits. After that, we identify inferior aluminum wiring, improper installation, loose light fixtures, and more. Our inspection protects your family from electrocution or other risks like sparks, fire, short circuits, etc. We also confirm your electrical appliances, like the dishwasher, laundry machine, and oven, are up to par. 

Inspecting the plumbing, our inspectors will look for any bursts, leaks, or clogs taking their tow on the pipe’s material. If the material of the pipes is Polybutylene or deteriorated cast iron, insurance companies consider it a Red Flag. Our inspectors also check the plumbing infrastructures hidden behind walls, which are susceptible to water damage. The water heater, refrigerant leaks, and sensor malfunctions are also covered in our 4-point inspection.

Do You Need a Four Point Inspection?

Insurance companies emphasize getting a four-point inspection after every ten years. Older and uninspected properties are at high risk during rain, flooding, or hurricanes. Pro-Spect steps forward to verify your home’s condition and look for any sticking issues. Our inspectors deliver the best of their abilities so you can take your home’s worth and family’s protection side by side.

Every Property Is Different

Each home is unique depending on its age, location, size, architectural style, and condition to be judged by the inspectors. However, people wonder why a four-point inspection is needed when you can inspect the whole home with a home buyer inspection. Moreover, people also question whether they can show their pre-purchase inspection report to the insurance companies instead of conducting a four-point inspection.

Pre-purchase or home-buying inspections cover extensive home areas. This will be time-consuming for insurance companies while costing you more. On the other hand, by choosing a four-point inspection, you can provide a quick insight into your property to the insurance company. And it will cost you less time and money.

Are you still half a mind on this? Consult us today for any confusion.

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