Sewer Scopes Inspection

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Sewer Scopes Inspection

Conducting a sewer scope inspection saves you hefty repairs and drainage woes for a trouble-free living. A professional sewer scope inspection, as offered by Pro-Spect, digs out all your sewer issues.

Our well-trained inspectors locate the sewer line and check for visible wear and tear. Using a camera and other advanced equipment, we identify the problematic areas. Based on our findings, one can repair the defects on time. This will save them from future damages and repetitive repair expenses. We inspect the property’s sewer scope for peaceful living as a home buyer or owner.

What Is a Sewer Scope?

The sewer scope is the video inspection to assess the sewer line. A sewer line could encounter problems such as breaks, cracks, roots, separated joints, or grease buildup. Pro-Spect’s sewer scope inspection helps you get away from these problems.

Starting off, we insert a waterproof camera into your home’s sewer line. This is to send a live video feed so our inspectors can identify defective areas and monitor the damage extent. We assess the pipe condition and look for blockage, clogs, root intrusion, cracks, or corrosion. After this assessment, we document our findings in a detailed report. This highlights the areas of concern and repair needs. We also suggest practical solutions and preventive tips.

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Sewer scope inspections are affordable and less time-consuming than a standard one. And it can save you from distressed living. Our insightful sewer scope inspections work well for you. Contact us today to get started on your sewer inspection project.

Signs That a Sewer Scope Is Needed

Let Pro-Spect guide you through these signs to stay ahead of time.

Older Homes – If your home is 25 or older, getting your sewer lines checked is wise. Homes built before 1984 often use clay sewer pipes. These pipes are sensitive to high temperatures and can break or puncture. A sewer scope inspection helps you identify those issues.

Yard with Large Trees – Having your home surrounded by trees is beautiful. But the roots can grow inside or around the pipes and cause bigger problems. The trees might be responsible for root intrusion or constricted pipes.

Sewage Backing Up – If the sewage water backs up in the crawl spaces or house, it’s an alarming sign that your sewer pipes are broken or damaged.

Soil Shifting – if the soil or ground shifts, it can break or damage sewer pipes.

Unnoticed Greenery – Sewer water is a great fertilizer for small greenery. If you notice patches of green lushness, infer a septic leak.

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