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When finalizing a deal, the last thing anyone wants is a surprise. But without proper home inspection services in Lakeland, FL, these surprises are bound to happen. A tear in the roof, a malfunctioning electrical system, or some other issue – all these must be known beforehand. This helps negotiate for a better deal.

At Pro-Spect, we understand all these issues and our certified home inspectors in Lakeland, FL, cover these. Our experts have the experience and the skill set to perform even the most difficult inspections and find any hidden issues you might face. In line with these inspections, we provide transparent reports that help you make confident decisions. You’ll know everything about your property, from small fixes to major repairs. This information will give you negotiation leverage and ensure you’re always in control.

Home Inspection Services in Lakeland

Home Inspections

Thinking about selling your home without a proper home inspection? Or maybe you’re about to purchase a property but don’t know if you're paying the right price. If that’s you, Pro-Spect home inspections can help you.

Commercial Inspections

Every commercial property in Atlanta comes with its own set of issues. You can’t know them all without a committed commercial inspection company. Pro-Spect’s inspectors have the expertise and the tools you can rely on for accurate inspections.

Builder Warranty Inspections

Bought a new property and want to confirm if it’ll stay the same in the coming years? Our builder warranty inspections cover everything you need to know about your new home and identify issues that you can claim in time.

Pre-listing Inspections

If you’re going to list your property, it’s high time to have it inspected by experts. A certified inspection will put you ahead of the competition and push your listings to the top – resulting in boosted visibility and value.

Rental Inspections

Property inspections are crucial to its value if you own a rental property. Your tenants will appreciate it, and you can use it to direct your renovation budget – meaning you’ll get better results without spending a ton.

Four Point Inspections

Sometimes complete home inspections are off the cards due to budgetary or time issues. That’s when four-point inspections are recommended. These include roof, electrical systems, plumbing systems, and HVAC inspections.

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Additional Inspection Services


Wind Mitigation Inspections

Pool & Spa Inspections

Termite/WDO Inspections

Pre-drywall Inspections


Inspection Questions?

A home inspection is crucial in the home-buying process. It includes checking more than a dozen potential issue areas of a property. After the inspection, our certified home inspectors in Lakeland, provide comprehensive reports – within 24 hours. The reports have detailed images of interior and exterior elements and all other elements that may interest you. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions and close deals without any worry.

We’re here to offer inspections anytime you need them. Feel free to reach out and schedule a home inspection. We also offer professional home inspection services in Lakeland, Hillsborough County, and Polk County.

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Susan A

We had a great experience with Pro-Spect Inspection! Andrew was so thorough and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns. I would highly recommend this company for your home inspection.

Marie W

Andrew was very helpful and accommodating during an inspection for a 30 year old house we want to purchase. He answered all of our questions and was thorough in walking us through the process. The price seemed fair.

Samuel R

Very good communication and very prompt and thorough report. This was a newly built home inspection and it left me feeling very reassured that when we moved in that we would not be facing unforeseen problems. I recommend highly.

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