What are the New Commercial Inspections Problems in Jacksonville, FL

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Commercial Inspections Problems

What are the New Commercial Inspections Problems in Jacksonville, FL


Commercial inspections save your investment from drowning. But some inspections can lead to severe problems due to several reasons. These reasons include hiring an unprofessional inspector, conducting incomplete inspections, documentation errors, using defective or outdated materials, overlooking future needs, and more.

These problems result in bigger losses, such as health and safety risks, financial loss, and even delayed deals. This is why Pro-Spect brings you this blog.

In this blog, we will find out what are the new commercial inspections problems. We’ll also take you through the factors affecting the accuracy of new commercial inspections. You’ll also get to know what possible setbacks you may face due to new commercial inspection problems.

So without further ado, let’s get into it

What are the New Commercial Inspections Problems

A new commercial property can fall prey to an unprofessional inspection. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. Just make sure you choose the one who’s really worth it. In this section, we will help you find out what are the new commercial inspection problems.

Besides being caught by an unskilled inspector, there are several other problems you might not know before. This includes getting an incomplete inspection, skipping additional tests, being absent during the inspection process, and more.

So, let’s explore each of these problems in turn.

Hiring an Unprofessional Inspector

If you choose an untrained and inexperienced inspector or inspection company, it’d be a waste of your time and money. The unprofessional inspectors don’t know what to look for. And they could overlook severe problems. Plus, such inspections have more risks of mistakes and inaccuracies.

On the flip side, when you hire professional inspectors, they will know where exactly problems can lie. They will have licenses, certifications, and years of knowledge and experience. They will pay attention to detail and identify existing and potential issues. And their inspections would be more accurate.

Waiving the Additional Tests

Your newly built commercial property may need additional tests. It may include environmental consultation, structural assessments, radon inspection, and air or water quality tests. Skipping these add-ons can put your property at stake. These problems might be revealed once you move in. This is why missing these additional services might save you money for now. But it will cost you a fortune over repetitive repair and maintenance needs in the future.

On the other hand, when you conduct these additional tests, you’ll ensure a quality workplace. From pure water and air to mold-free areas – these additional tests do that all.

Ignoring the Report

Some companies disregard the new commercial inspection reports. This could be the worst mistake they’d make. This way, many minor issues are dismissed, and areas of concern are left unaddressed.

While considering the inspection report and following its suggestions results differently. You’ll save your commercial property from losing its value. And you will make your investment worthy.

Incomplete Inspections

If you conduct a rushed or incomplete inspection, it will do more damage than any loss. A new commercial property has its own inspection needs. And leaving your business to potential risks you are unaware of can put you in a dicey situation. Some people conduct detailed inspections but don’t execute one after the repairs are made.

Looking at the opposite case, when you conduct a complete inspection, you can remove existing problems. And you’ll be aware of potential risks and how to manage those risks.

Being Absent for The Inspection

Being absent from the inspection site also led to many problems. Business owners or their representatives may not have any idea of what’s going on. There could be miscommunication, incomplete inspection, and less understanding of the property’s actual condition.

On the other hand, when you’re present on the inspection site, you’ll actively know the extent and depth of the inspection going on. Moreover, you can communicate with the inspectors and spot any inspection blunders.

Defective Materials

The material or equipment used during the inspection process could be defective or outdated. This can pose several risks to the safety or longevity of your new commercial construction. On the other hand, when quality materials and equipment are used, you will experience fewer hazards. Moreover, the inspection process will also go smoothly.

Documentation Errors

If there are any documentation errors in paperwork or reports, it can lead to legal issues. You will have to resolve discovered problems on the spot during the inspection. However, a correct document provides precise insights into your property’s condition.

Overlooking Future Needs

If your inspection fails to infer potential risks or future needs, it can lead to severe problems. If the future damages are not analyzed earlier, it will cause unexpected expenses. While a professional inspection considers future needs. It will identify potential risks beforehand. It’ll also save you from making an unworthy investment.

What Loss the New Commercial Inspections Problems Can Cause?

The problems in new commercial inspection can cause severe losses, be it financial or property value. It can also delay your buying or selling deals. Let us take you through the details of it.

Financial Loss

You might face various financial losses, such as immediate or future costs. Unseen repairs or maintenance needs can be costly. If the inspection is incomplete and any lingering problems arise after you move in, your commercial inspection cost in Jacksonville will be lost. Buying a defective business property is also a loss of your investment.

Delayed Deals

When several problems are identified in a new commercial inspection, your property buying or selling may get delayed. This means the issues identified set you back in deal closures. More postponed deals can affect the terms and conditions of your agreements.

Decreased Property Value

Your property value for its resale could be limited when it’s been subjected to poor inspection. A newly built commercial property is usually supposed to have a great resale value. But it may face depreciation if it’s a victim of commercial inspection problems.

Health and Safety Risks

When the problematic elements are overlooked during an inspection, health and safety risks are associated. It can affect your employee’s health. And it will also leave a poor impression on your clients. However, if your commercial property is well inspected, it will not risk anyone’s health or safety.

Factors Affecting Accuracy of New Commercial Inspection

Several factors can contribute to failing a new commercial inspection in Jacksonville. For instance, an unqualified inspector, the type of technology being used, the extent of attention given to details, and more. So, let’s get a sneak peek into these factors.

Inspectors Qualification

The qualification, prior knowledge, and experience of an inspector matters a lot. As we discussed earlier, an untrained inspector can fail the whole inspection process. On the other hand, a qualified inspector can save you hefty expenses in the long run.

Timing of Inspection

Jacksonville has a humid climate and has mild and drier winters. Keeping in view the weather conditions while conducting the inspection is necessary. Moreover, the timings of days or light can affect the accuracy of your inspection process differently.

For instance, inspections conducted in the daytime allow natural light, increasing the inspection’s visibility conditions. This will ensure better viewing of hidden issues. Contrary to that, during nighttime inspections, small details may go unnoticed.

Attention to Detail

If the inspection is not thorough, it may miss several crucial points. Moreover, if it lacks attention to detail, hidden problems may go unnoticed. Therefore, the more attention is given to small details, the more secure your commercial property will be.

Use of Technology

If your inspector is using advanced technology like thermal imaging cameras, drones, moisture detectors, and others, rest assured your inspections will be accurate. However, not using the latest technologies can cause trouble for you.

Access to Property

If you don’t give proper access to the inspectors, many areas may be left unchecked. Therefore, be sure that your inspectors get full access to the property. And no spaces should be restricted for them.


A new commercial property must undergo a thorough and precise inspection. If it falls prey to a bad inspection, you may face several problems and losses. We suggest hiring a certified and experienced inspector to investigate your new commercial property. And be present during the inspection process.

In this blog, we discussed what are the new commercial inspections problems in Jacksonville. We also explored factors affecting the accuracy of inspections. Check out our blog section for everything inspection.